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~*~ The Palace ~*~ Empty ~*~ The Palace ~*~

Post  Admin on Fri May 01, 2009 1:22 pm

This is what the Palace looks like .
With more then 100+ rooms, this beautiful Palace holds the Counsel .Which controls the land Murakia,
Callisto the God of Chaos and War, Milana the Goddess/Keeper of Earth, The Queen and King of Murakia,
More to come.....
This palace has Green Rooms, Battle rooms, & more .
~*~ The Palace ~*~ Waterf10

It rest at the edge of the Murakia Waterfall, resting in the middle of the land.
(The land below the waterfall is the South part of Murakia and the land/water above the palace is the North part of Murakia)

Boom, Boom, Boom.......?

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