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Okami Amaterasu

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Okami Amaterasu Empty Okami Amaterasu

Post  Wolf's_Rain_Gurl on Fri May 29, 2009 11:08 pm

Name: Amaterasu
Age: ageless
Gender: female
Powers: she will not be active until I get the Okay on the Powers from Admin
Story: She is a sun goddess trying to regain the celesial brush techniques and help h make the world better
Name Meaning: Amatersu is the Japanese Sun Goddess and Okami means Great God or "Wolf"
History: Amaterasu is brought to life by a tree guardian and from a Statue of a wolf who saved a small village from a Dragon Demon. She is paired up with a Tree Sprite to help her recover her brush techniques. The brush techniques allow her to make things live as a matter of fact. She Was originally a celesial goddess . When she recovers her brush techniques and saves the world she will return there and missed by everyone she meets.
Personality: sweet, caring, quick to decide, helpful, heroic.
Image: The object on her back is one of the many weapons used to save the world.
Okami Amaterasu Okami_on_fire

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Okami Amaterasu Empty Re: Okami Amaterasu

Post  ~~Eris~~ on Sat May 30, 2009 9:39 am

you know.... it would make the rp world better and you would have more fun if you had original charries and not clones. you dont have to change anything.... but im just saying, it helps because you can do whatever you want instead of having to follow the storyline. and we dont have any darkness anyways.....what is there to defeat? and we have the king, queen, callisto, chains, and milana for all that

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